The Blue Mycena Mushroom

The Blue Mycena Mushroom, also known as the Blue Ghost Mushroom, is a rare and striking fungus native to the Pacific Northwest region of North America. With a glowing blue-gray color and delicate, translucent appearance, these mushrooms are a sight to behold in the forest. They typically grow on the rotting wood of conifer trees, and are most commonly found in damp, shaded areas. These mushrooms are known for their striking blue color, which is caused by a pigment called omphalina.

Despite their attractive appearance, it is important to be cautious when handling Blue Mycena Mushrooms as some species are poisonous and can be deadly if ingested. However, there are also some species of Blue Mycena that are considered edible and are prized for their unique flavor and texture. Whether you are an experienced mushroom forager or just a nature enthusiast, the Blue Mycena Mushroom is a fascinating and beautiful addition to any outdoor adventure.

У Внимания есть такое свойство: если мы им не управляем, то им управляет кто-то другой.

Оно не возникает из ниоткуда, оно всегда есть.

И важно не то, что кто-то другой плохой и манипулирует нами, а то, что мы сами теряем контроль над ним.

А оно всегда существует.

Кто о нем знает и умеет с ним работать – тот и молодец.
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